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90 Tablets   $20.50
180 Tablets   $31.95
(formerly Ultra Freeda, Iron-Free)
Multi-Vitamin & Mineral, Iron free

Highest Potency

The SCD MULTIVITAMIN represents the very latest in nutritional thinking. This comprehensive multi-vitamin and mineral formula stands at the forefront of nutritional science.

Elaine's recommended daily dose
Age     SCD Multivitimin  
  1 - 3 yrs     1/2 Tablet  
  4 yrs - Adult     1 Tablet  

100 Tablets   $15.50
250 Tablets   $27.85
SCD B Complex
(formerly Quin B Strong with C & Zinc)
“Stress Formula”

This B-Complex with Vitamin C and Zinc formula replaces these important nutrients which are often depleted from the body during periods of stress.

Elaine's recommended daily dose
Age     SCD B Complex  
  1 - 9 yrs   -
  10 yrs+     1/2 Tablet  
  Adult     1 Tablet  

100 Tablets   $10.75
250 Tablets   $21.50
SCD Calcium Complete

Freeda`s SCD Calcium Complete combines the nutritional factors commonly recognized to help the body get the most benefit from a calcium supplement.

  It is recommended to spread out the daily dose
  of 5 tablets throughout the day which provides
  the daily recommended values of Calcium, Magnesium,
  and Vitamin D, plus other nutrients.

100 Tablets   $6.95
500 Tablets   $23.50
Vitamin D3

The body’s main source of Vitamin D is from the sun. Vitamin D helps promote calcium absorption and therefore is important in the proper formation of bones and teeth. Vitamin D is considered one of the 3 most important nutrients connected with bone health together with calcium and magnesium. Recent research strongly suggests that Vitamin D may help support colon, breast, prostate, and colorectal health.

Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) 1,000 IU
Other ingredients:
Cellulose, calcium carbonate, calcium stearate

L-Glutamine Powder
8 Ounces $25.25

Many of the benefits of L-Glutamine come from its generally recognized ability to maintain and protect mucosa. As the gastrointestinal tract is lined with mucosa, many people with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases may benefit greatly from this supplement. L-Glutamine may enhance the immune system and memory. L-Glutamine may be depleted in those who strenuously exercise (ex: athletes) and when the body is stressed.

Note: L-Glutamine should be stored at cool or room temperature.

Suggested use:
Adults take 1/4 teaspoon
1/4 teaspoon = 1000 mg L-Glutamine
Serving size per container, approximately 227

All Freeda SCD supplements have:
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