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Table of Contents

Cooking for
Celiacs, Colitis, Crohn's and IBS
Specific Carbohydrate Diet™

by Sandra Ramacher


Goat’s milk yogurt
Goat’s cheese
Dipped yogurt
Labna (yogurt balls)
French cream


  Roasted tomatoes with goat’s cheese
Cheese and tomato toasties
Chicken and cauliflower croquettes
Cream cheese dip
Chicken liver paté
Pecan and pea paté
Pumpkin and leek pies
Fish dumplings with green chili sambal
Green chili sambal
Gado gado
Peanut sauce 1
Goat’s cheese tartlets
Lamb koftas
Yogurt raita
Lima beans blinis
Lima bean dip
Mexican bean nachos
Cheddar crackers
Mini chicken satays with peanut sauce
Peanut sauce 2
Mini spinach and cheese timbales
Pumpkin and macadamia nut soup

  Sweet Snacks

  Dried fruit salad
Candied orange peel
Nut butter bites
Fruit roll-ups
Coconut date balls
Pecan caramel toffees
Spiced honey-glazed nuts


  Asparagus with hazelnut butter
Beans with parsley sauce
Carrot and zucchini fritters
Carrots almondine
Cauliflower cheese
Creamed carrots
Fragrant cauliflower rice
Lima bean mash
Minted mashed peas
Pumpkin and cauliflower mash
Pumpkin chips
Sautéed lima beans
Sauté ed mushrooms
Steamed asian greens
Zucchini pasta
Zucchini shoestring fries


  Antipasto platter
Apple and duck salad
Chef’s salad
BBQ pear and prosciutto salad
Black bean salad
Carrot and raisin salad
Chargrilled zucchini and herb salad
Cantaloupe and rocket salad
Salad nicoise
Chicken and pineapple coleslaw
Green salad
Green vegetable salad
Moroccan broccoli and cauliflower salad
Warm roast vegetable salad
Prawn and mango salad
Pumpkin and goat’s cheese salad
Red salmon caesar salad
Thai chicken salad

  Main Dishes

  Beef burgers with the lot
Crusty onion rolls
Beef lasagna
Beef stroganoff
Chicken burgers
Chicken meatloaf
Chicken schnitzel
Chicken and carrot soup
Chicken vol au vents
Fish fingers
Frittata provencale
Frittata verde
Lamb cutlets
Minted mashed peas
Mint sauce
Moroccan chicken tagine
Layered lamb sandwich
Osso buco
Lamb shanks in red wine
Mushroom and spinach roulade
Soft soufflé roll
Red bean burgers
Seafood laksa
Spice crusted salmon
Sri Lankan curry feast
Thai fish cakes
Thick beef sausages
Vegetarian shepherd’s pie
Zucchini bolognese
Pumpkin gnocchi
Herb cream sauce

  Savory Condiments

  BBQ sauce
Caesar dressing
Cucumber raita
Chicken stock
Beef stock
Vegetable stock
Date and orange chutney
Green chili sambal
Hollandaise sauce
Herb cream sauce
Mint sauce
Onion relish
Parsley sauce
Pear chutney
Lime dressing
Yogurt dressing
Peanut sauce 1
Peanut sauce 2
Red curry paste
Simple salad dressing
Sun-dried tomatoes
Sweet chili sauce
Tomato and coriander salsa
Tomato paste
Tomato puree
Macadamia nut pesto
Yogurt raita

  Sweet Condiments

  Apple and pear sauce
Apricot jam
Blueberry jam
Custard sauce
Honey caramel sauce
Lemon butter
Orange caramel sauce
Pink grapefruit crème anglaise
Stewed apples
Strawberry jelly
Strawberry sauce
Vanilla custard


  Almond and raisin custard
Strawberry and fresh fig brulé
Apple and blueberry crumble
Cherry crumble
Banana ice cream with strawberry sauce
Vanilla ice cream
Very berry ice cream
Blanc manger
Exotic fruit flan
Blueberry pie
Cherry clafouti
Lemon meringue pie
Grape juice jelly
Orange mousse
Candied orange peel
Orange caramel sauce
Poached pears
Pear and almond pudding
Pink grapefruit crème anglaise
Sticky date pudding
Raspberry soufflé
Strawberry, rhubarb and lime tarts
Zabaglione and strawberries

  Breads Cakes Muffins Biscuits

  Almond crescent biscuits
Apple and cinnamon muffins
Blueberry cheesecake
Carrot cake with cream cheese icing
Chewy macadamia nut biscuits
Ginger bear biscuits
Hazelnut rounds
Christmas pudding
Lemon tarts
Lemon drop biscuits
Lemon yogurt cake
Pink grapefruit and orange cake
Pumpernickel bread
Light white bread
Pumpkin and almond bread
Cinnamon and raisin loaf
Pumpkin and sage scones
Crusty onion rolls
Soft soufflé bread


  Baked beans
Breakfast muffins
Scrambled eggs
Banana pikelets
Good morning breakfast bars
Muesli, pears and banana whip
Sun-dried tomato and havarti omelet
Salmon eggs benedict
Hollandaise sauce
Warm seasonal fruit with vanilla yogurt


  Every morning smoothie
Flu fighter
Almond milk
Morning perk
After dinner spiced tea
Raspberry cordial
Iced tea
Chai syrup
Chai tea

Breaking the Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall, BA, M.Sc.
Specific Carbohydrate Diet™ Cookbooks
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