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Table of Contents

Eat Well, Feel Well
Recipes for the
Specific Carbohydrate Diet™

by Kendall Conrad

  Appetizers, Salads, and Soups

  Fresh spring rolls with spicey chile dipping suace
Curried deviled eggs with mango-currant chutney
Baked brie and garlic on green apple slices
Skewered shrimps in mint pesto
Roasted vegetables with lemon-onion dip
Vodka-and-honey-cured salmon with crème fraîche
Celery rémoulade
Fresh shaved beet salad with fresh mint and herbed farmer cheese
Spinach salad with crispy prosciutto, poached eggs, and caramelized onions
Shaved fennel, white mushrooms, and parmesan salad
Salade niçoise with grilled ahi
Thai beef salad with papaya and toasted coconut
French lentil salad
Basic chicken stock
Roasted vegetable stock
French three-onion soup with gruyére
Italian white bean soup with caramelized fennel
Mexican black bean soup
Egyptian red lentil soup
Watercress and cauliflower puree with parmesan crackers
Tom yum kai with coconut milk and lemongrass infusion
Pistou with pesto
Shiitake cashew soup
Hot and sour soup
Chilled cucumber soup with yogurt and dill
Chilled pea soup

  Sauces, Spreads, Dips, and Dressings

  Classic tomato sauce
Spinach, lemon, and basil pesto
Fresh mint sauce
Hollandaise sauce
Carrot-ginger paste
Rosated red pepper spread
Homemade dijon mustard
Yogurt curry dip
White bean hummus
Artichoke dip
Lucques olive tapenade
Cucumber raita
Lemon-parsley-ginger dressing
Classic french vinaigrette
Asian dressing

  Fish and Shellfish

  Whole roasted red snapper stuffed with fennel and citrus
Tilapia curry with saffron
Sautéed fillet of sole with lemon, butter, and capers
Broiled orange-mustard–glazed salmon
Banana leaf–wrapped halibut with papaya and coconut
Swordfish steaks with mango salsa
Seared ahi tuna tartare with sesame, avocado, and ginger
Steamed clams in white wine, thyme, and butter
Shellfish paella with zucchini rice and homemade chorizo

  Poultry and Meat

  Moroccan chicken stew with cashews, saffron, and currants
Green chicken curry with kaffir limes and lemongrass
Roast chicken with fresh herbs, blood orange, and paprika
Asian skewered peanut chicken thighs with asparagus
Roast turkey breast with fresh herb sauce
Papaya-marinated grilled flank steak
Steak and vegetable stir-fry in lettuce cups
Ground beef chili with navy beans
Kibbeh with yogurt and mint
Baby back ribs with date-barbecue sauce
Roast pork loin with stewed fruits
Garlic and rosemary leg of lamb
Shepherd’s pie with mashed cauliflower
Lamb keftas with yogurt dip


  Grilled portobello mushroom steaks topped with no-cook tomato sauce
Sorrel, leek, and zucchini gratin
Zucchini crespeu
Roasted cipollini onions with thyme
Asparagus and mushroom frittata with gouda cheese and tomato chutney
Creamy asparagus puree
Mashed peas with mint
Grilled scallions
Eggplant charmoula
Mushroom ratatouille
Oven-dried tomatoes
Braised fennel in white wine and orange juice with thyme
Roasted brussels sprouts
Moroccan cauliflower
Braised purple cabbage with ground caraway seeds
Mashed roasted carrot with cumin and orange
Roasted acorn squash with butter, nutmeg, and honey

  Mock Starches

  Lime and sea salt tortilla chips
Havarti dill quesadillas
Buttery herb and garlic crackers
Cashew bread
Pulsed cashew couscous
Oven-roasted butternut squash fries
Butternut squash chips
Celery root mashed potatoes
Spaghetti squash with puttanesca sauce
Pasta aglio oglio with enoki mushrooms
Zucchini lasagna
Pizza margherita
Falafel with navy beans

  Desserts and Confections

  Orange and almond flour cookies
Coconut cake
Lemon-coconut macaroons
Macadamia medjool date cake
Tarte tatin
Persimmon cream cups
Macadamia nut brittle
Peanut butter toffees
Whipped cashew cream
Strawberry ice cream
Herb candies


  Blood orange–ginger fizz
Creamy ginger lemonade
Mango lassi
Orange delight
Sevilla sangria
Mango margarita
Homemade limoncello
Coconut milk
Moroccan mint tea


  Eggs florentine benedict
Shirred eggs with chive yogurt
Truffled scrambled eggs
Brie, chive, and shiitake omelet
Breakfast pork sausages
Currant scones with apricot butter
Banana macadamia bread
Blueberry almond muffins
Pecan waffles with sautéed bananas and cinnamon honey
French toast with orange honey butter
Cinnamon pancakes
Banana coconut fritters with honey
Crunchy homemade cereal

  Just for kids

  Cucumber and celery boats with herbed farmer cheese
Cheese soufflé
Beef jerky
Herb and garlic turkey skewers
Honey-garlic chicken drummettes
Peach pocket pies
Banana boats
Honey-coconut doughnuts
Frozen banana sticks with peanut butter
Smoothie popsicles
Honey lollipops

Breaking the Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall, BA, M.Sc.
Specific Carbohydrate Diet™ Cookbooks
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