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LYO-SAN Acidophilus & Yogurt Capsules
Recommended for the SCD - does not contain bifidus

  • Protective blend of finest yogurt and rich Acidophilus in each capsule. A good source of friendly lactic bacteria.

  • Each capsule contains 4 billion friendly living cells of Yogurt/Acidophilus. Nature's great aid to help normalize and protect the digestive system!

  • Each bottle contains 90 capsules. $22.95

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Outside United States 360-370-0075
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Breaking the Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall, BA, M.Sc.
Specific Carbohydrate Diet™ Cookbooks
Yogourmet Yogurt Maker & Starter
LYO-SAN Acidophilus & Yogurt Capsules
Donvier Frozen Dessert Maker
Excalibur Food Dehydrator
Almond Flour
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